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Conclusion: North's 10 Rules For Breaking Through

As we’ve outlined on this blog over the last few weeks, the system for raising early stage capital today is fundamentally flawed. Even though the road to success for entrepreneurs trying to kickstart their visions is littered with potholes and deceptive directions, it can all be corrected with a little teamwork. If change is going [...]

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North Mindmeld: New School Number Crunchers

Adeo Ressi, the founder of the TheFunded.com has joined a long list of entrepreneurs and investors that say that the venture capital industry is broken. However, Ressi decided to put his (didn’t use outsider funds) money where his mouth was and built a site that allows entrepreneurs to critique and rate the actual audience that [...]

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A Crime or Worth Your Time?

Many new gimmicks and stunts marketed at entrepreneurs now exist as ways to rise to the top of the sea of investment opportunities. While we have to admit there is an intoxicating rush from pitching your innovative venture in front of an audience, the end result usually feels more like a hangover. Investors leave with [...]

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Great Players Listen & Practice, A Lot

There’s no question that success comes through hard work and persistence. If that’s the case, why does the media focus only on those stories of achievement? Flip through the pages of Inc and Entrepreneur, or watch Donny Deutsch on the Big Idea and you’d think wild and immediate success is the norm for an entrepreneur. [...]

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Look For Support Beyond Dollar Signs…

Let’s not forget that entrepreneurs, and the investors that support them, need all the help they can get to turn their ideas into world-changing realities, and contrary to popular belief, more money is not the only answer. The central issue is not with the quantity of ideas or number of willing investors, but rather in [...]

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