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Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank

North was recently quoted dropping some knowledge in the article, Real-Life Lessons From Shark Tank on Entrepreneur.com. Here’s an excerpt: Know when to pitch. Entrepreneurs with a well-developed product and proven financial success have the best luck with the “sharks,” says David Brody, a managing partner at the venture analysis firm North. “Nothing builds momentum like [...]

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New Venture Evaluation #18: Management Compensation

One of the most powerful forces for managing people, and determining the direction of a business is compensation. That which can be measured and that upon which people will be paid, are both core drivers of a business. The goal of this element is to seek a healthy balance between keeping the entrepreneur focused and [...]

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Focus On Effiency

The following excerpt is taken from Breaking Through The Broken: The Transparent Guide To Overcoming The Inefficiencies In Early Stage Venture Capital. A good presentation with a good PowerPoint given by an individual with a strong personality can easily sway a room full of investors into cutting a check. Investors need to be sure they’re [...]

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Are Your Advisors Advising? New Venture Evaluation #6

While the management team for the company is the one holding the steering wheel for the business, the strategic advisors can either be a GPS navigator guiding the business turn by turn or a sleeping passenger who is only along for the ride. One must determine the strength of the advisory board based upon several [...]

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The secret to making money revealed. New Venture Evaluation #4.

MAKING THE REGISTER RING Sales and marketing is the knife’s edge for all companies, as these two disciplines can make or break any business. It’s always easier to manage growth when there is top line revenue and some cash flow rolling in. A few key elements to look for in the Sales & Marketing strategy: [...]

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