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Just a Few Shopping Days Left – Are You Capitalizing on Them?

Ho, ho, hooooooly moly – just a few short weeks until the man with the bag makes his rounds! Is your brand capitalizing on this time of buying at breakneck speed? Thanks to the advent of killer internet and mobile marketing, most (about 50%) consumers say that the Internet is their favorite place to get [...]

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Hope is Not a (Holiday) Strategy

“Facebook doesn’t work for our brand.” If we’ve heard this once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. Listen, there’s no reason that Facebook shouldn’t be working for you. Lend me an ear and I’ll tell you a little holiday marketing tale. We’ve all heard rumors of the elusive fan-grabbing promotion that completely changes the tide [...]

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Tweet Tweet says the Blue Bird

Twitter turns seven this year – if it were a dog, it’d be 49; if it were a person, it’d be a second-grader. But it’s neither of those things – it’s Twitter, that hashtagging blue bird that’s got everyone talking – in 14o characters or fewer. In some ways, it seems like it’s been around [...]

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iOS 7 Is Here

It’s like Christmas in September: iOS 7 launched today for all compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPods (and iWhatevers) and I don’t even know where to begin. It’s…different. Everything’s different. The layout’s changed. Opening applications is now done with a fancy-shmancy swoosh. URLS diminish in size as you scroll down the page in Safari. What will [...]

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Introducing the Video Contest App for Facebook Pages

After the release of our Photo Contest App there have been a lot of requests for a similar app, but centered around Videos…well the wait is over! We are proud to introduce our Video Contest App available now to make your Fan Page really shine. This powerful new app enables Fan Page admins to quickly [...]

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Free Speech for Everyone! Just don’t be rude, Ok?

Has social media changed our threshold for the ridiculous? The Onion has built itself up by pushing the envelope. It’s what they do and we expect absolutely nothing less, or else we’d yawn and swipe our finger to the next equally controversial Flipboard article regarding child labor on Ecuadorian alpaca farms. This is a very [...]

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They Lived Happily Ever After

How to Lose a Fan in 10 Days

We’ve all heard the fairy-tale: Fan meets Brand. Fan falls hard for Brand and is loyal, committed, and all-around awesome. Suddenly, a dark cloud looms over this paradise and the honeymoon is over when Brand doesn’t return the favor. Brand stops returning calls, stops even pretending to listen in conversations, and, to add insult to [...]

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March Madness: The NCAA’s Slam Dunk

Time to air out your jerseys and get your Gatorade, because it’s time for March Madness (for all the Cal grads at NS – GO BEARS!). This year’s NCAA March Madness tournament marks the 75th year that college basketball fans have been entering betting pools, biting their nails for the buzzer-beater, and heckling rival teams. [...]

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Pop Quizzes Aren’t Just for Math Class Anymore

Quizzes have been around since magazines, and they’ve always been social experiences. Remember how fun it was to compare your answers with your friends about “what kind of friend you are”? I have great memories of sitting with my friends tallying up answers from TeenPeople (please don’t judge, I was 12) and cracking up over [...]

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