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Sham-Rockin’ Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s day once began as a holiday to commemorate a good old soul who drove snakes out of Ireland (or something like that), but it’s become so much more than that in recent years. It’s become a festival of overindulgence seemingly sponsored by Guinness and its affiliates during which we chase a mythical little [...]

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Paper Coupons Are So 2003. Stretch Your Consumer’s Dollar With A Mobile Offer.

Clipping mad coupons is cool – so cool that there are TV shows devoted to people scrambling for 84 boxes of Kraft mac n’ cheese for a buck. Put a coupon on the Internet, and it’s even cooler – nothing to cut out and lose in your wallet but instead just a handy code that [...]

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The Most Kick-Butt Feature We Could Possibly Add To Make Your Promotions Run Everywhere And Your Life Significantly Easier

When you set up a promotion to run on Facebook there are several things you have to do. You have to design your artwork, craft your message, draft rules and terms, and then publish it to your wall. Finally, the hard part; now you have to promote your offer to as many hungry fans as [...]

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Firing Up Your Mobile Sports Fans: It’s All In The X’s and O’s

This time of year is a dream for sports fans: the Superbowl match up is set; hockey players and owners have overcome their differences to compromise on a short season, and baseball’s spring training is on its way. Stats are flying, rivalries are raging, and everyone is perfecting their halftime snack menu. We’re airing out [...]

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Deconstructing Mobile Facebook Promotions

Facebook has changed. No, we’re not talking about the Timeline update, Graph Search, or the new Poke app. We’re talking about how the usage of Facebook has shifted to mobile devices at an incredible rate.  Pssst… This is INSANELY important for your average Fan Page manager for three reasons. 1) Facebook last reported that the [...]

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Moms Are Mobile, So Your Brand Should Be Too…

For this installment of our mobile promotion inspiration blogroll, we’re looking at how to capitalize on one of the most on-the-go segments of consumers out there: moms. As with all targeted promotions, the keys to success are simple – know your target, support their habits, and make your offer “can’t refuse” motivating. According to an [...]

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