Making the Grade: Facebook Pages For Education

Isn’t it ironic that a website launched in a dorm room by a future college drop-out is becoming a major communications tool for universities? School’s now back in session and every collegiate arm from engineering departments to MBA programs is incorporating Facebook into their communications strategy.

A few semesters back, universities were promoting archaic intranets for alumni to connect with classmates and find jobs. While still active, these efforts have evolved into a more socially proactive approach to connect with (and interconnect) the communities that make up universities. We’re talking prospective students and their overeager parents, pencil-wielding library bats, bare-chested basketball fans, and yes, alumni who have graduated to a pen and a checkbook.

Building a virtual campus requires a custom Facebook page that conveys the school’s unique voice, goals, and philosophy. So whether your role on campus centers around admissions, alumni, or athletics, we’ve highlighted a few examples of how forward-thinking schools are creating custom pages with North Social apps:

University/College Pages: Utilize your main page as a central hub for academics, targeting prospective and current students alike. Activate the Sign Up app on your page to collect information of interested parties or the Video Channel app like Grand Valley State to host a special welcome message from your university president.

Athletics Pages: Unleash your school spirit with an inspiring athletics page featuring highlight reels, season schedules, group deals, and more. Provide value to your fans and you’ll have a reason to put a “Fan Us on Facebook” sticker on your ticket office window. Just don’t forget to like-gate your page to build your following.

Alumni Pages: Your graduates are still swapping photos and reminiscing about good times past. Keep them in the loop with school news with the RSS Feed app or highlight vintage yearbook pics with the Photo Showcase app. The Stanford Alumni Association keeps theirs entertained with a Photo of the Week.

Bookstore Pages: Class materials are typically a bore, but when you’re dropping $500 a semester on them, saving money is not. A $100 drawing from Colorado State University’s bookstore won’t go unnoticed by their students. Use the Show & Sell app to highlight seasonal sales and remember to keep your doorstep polished with the First Impression app.

Study up and then bring your school’s Facebook pages to the head of the class with North Social’s app buffet. Activate any of 18 apps today to cultivate your students into active and vocal participants, keep your alumni invested, and huddle with your university’s sports fans.Questions about our apps? Ping our support forum:


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