Tourism Marketers Creating Mini-Destinations On Facebook

Traveling to worlds unknown can be intimidating and downright difficult. Cost, accommodations, and transportation woes are enough to scare the boldest adventure-seekers under the covers with a hanky and a bag of Reese’s pieces. Lucky for marketers in the tourism industry, North Social apps can help you give the world to those timid travelers by creating a destination for them right on their laptop (fully accessible to fearful under-cover dwellers).

People always have and always will want to explore the unknown, but attracting them to your bit of paradise is another matter.

So how do you rope in the wayward traveler? How do you grab their short attention spans for long enough to get them to say “Hey, I want to go THERE and be a part of your world”?

Take a note from the following pages and you’ll be shaking the hands of new Facebook-fans-turned-visitors in no time:

Reno Tahoe USA: This popular vacation spot has designed their page with local flair and a hint of “unique, and offbeat” entertainment. Upon visiting the page, you are met with a sweepstakes for a week-long summer getaway. After entering (we all love a sweeps, right?), you can browse a video and photo showcase of activities, stay up-to-date with the city’s Twitter feed, and link to Pages of area businesses to find other great deals. By investing their genius in this social media playground, Reno Tahoe has created a gateway for their corner of the world.

Dunedin, New Zealand: You only get one First Impression, and these Kiwis aren’t messing around with theirs. There’s nothing like NZ’s “quirky capital” to tickle your fancy and make you wonder why you haven’t yet ventured to this side of the equator. The city weaves its local business into the fabric of the page to create a map for tourist must-see’s, not just a one-stop shop of “I❤Dunedin” shot glasses and ball-cap souvenirs.

Ohio Tourism Division: No more wondering if the Mid West has the clout to deliver. These fancy folks have prepared a world-class tour of the state’s biggest and brightest activities, all for your indulgence. Their page comes chock full of visitor-friendly content: an RSS Feed, fan-only exclusive downloads, and a request form for a print travel planner. Don’t forget the abundance of share features, because after all, “Ohio is more fun together”.

Locations across the globe and across the street are rapidly discovering that their worldly delights become more attractive and attainable with a few tools, tips, and tricks from North Social. What have you discovered today?Questions about our apps? Ping our support forum:


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3 Responses to “Tourism Marketers Creating Mini-Destinations On Facebook”

  1. Anonymous 04. Aug, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    Facebook tabs are a great way to allow the tourism industry to provide a
    strong call to action with eye-catching photography and perhaps a
    promotion or two.  However, Facebook tabs can be so much more than this,
    allowing the tourism industry
    to engage with their audience in various ways. By including mobile
    marketing, such as a QR code that unlocks a “mobile only” deal or
    perhaps a social media only promotion, it could really help encourage
    conversion and increase awareness.

    Ann Ehnert

  2. Corey M 17. Oct, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    What a great article!  It made me want to check out Ohio even.  Glad I stumbled upon this today.


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