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Without A Strong Brand, You Ain’t Got Jack So…cial! (Part 6 of 18)

The following post is part of an ongoing blog mini-series titled: Without A Strong Brand, You Ain’t Got Jack So…cial! A Dozen Rules For Attracting & Keeping Your Social Consumer. Jump into your hot tub machine and let’s imagine now that one of your concepts paid off. You were able to ramp up your fanbase. [...]

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Say Hello To The Poster Child Of Fan Page Fail

Not since Charlie Sheen announced on the Today Show that he has tiger blood running through his veins, has there been this much intrigue, confusion, and suspense around an aggressive personality on the social web. Ever. Okay, that might be a stretch. But our team is excited to share with you the worldwide web premiere [...]

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North Social Page Admin of the Week: Ben Swanson of Electronic Arts

We’re excited to bring you our blog new feature; The North Social Page Admin of the Week. We’ll be spotlighting Facebook Page Admins that are using North Social apps in innovative ways to build their Facebook followings. This reoccurring blog segment is meant to inspire by sharing Page Admin ideas, challenges, and wins with the [...]

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The World’s Worst Facebook Strategy

We all love LinkedIn. It’s stayed true to its origins. It’s for business. That’s it. You go there to find a job; see who’s looking for a job; to research companies; and to network. LinkedIn Groups have been a great addition to these core tenets as they facilitate networking with folks who share the same [...]

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